Samsung Tomorrow Solutions



STS (Samsung Tomorrow Solutions) is Samsung’s representative social contribution program to address social issues,
to discover creative ideas and solutions for making our society a better place,
and to nurture future talent through the process of realization of the ideas and solutions.

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  • Three Principals

    Samsung Tomorrow Solutions starts from a small change for a better world.

    • 01 Samsung’s Support
      01 Samsung’s Support
      Realize the solutions with
      the help of Samsung employees
      and professional mentors
    • 02 Tomorrow
      02 Tomorrow
      Foster future talent with
      creative problem-solving skills
    • 03 Participant’s Solution
      03 Participant’s Solution
      Pursue open innovation to
      dig actively ideas of CSR
  • Be a hero

    Since 2013, STS (Samsung Tomorrow Solutions) is an open social contribution project for people with no restrictions on age and affiliation who want to create a better tomorrow. Anyone can participate! Get involved in Solving the small and big difficulties in our real lives. Mentors, experts in their fields and SEC employees, support you to go through the process of realization of the solutions.

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  • Topics

    “Creative ideas and solutions for the better tomorrow " Please select a topic related to social problems that you wish to solve.

    • Education
    • Health
    • Community
    • Environment
  • STS Procedure

    STS has two Sectors of Awards, IDEA and IMPACT.
    Finalists teams are provided mentoring support of respective experts and SEC employees and financial support for prototype.

    •      IDEA
    • Applying
    • Selection
    • Main
    • Finalists
    • Workshop &
    • Final
    • Awards
    • Scale
    • Implementation
    • IMPACT
    • Awards

    IDEA awards go to this year’s teams with an excellent solution to social issues.
    IMPACT winners are picked from the teams of the previous year′s IDEA awards that demonstrate the greatest social impact.

  • Criteria

    STS seeks sustainable solutions to change our society a better place.

    • Originality
      Is this approach new?
      Is this solution differentiated
      from existing solutions?
    • Sustainability
      Is this sustainable?
    • Social
      What change can be expected in social
      benefit increase and social system?
      How many people can get
      benefit from this solution?
    • Empathy
      Does this reflect the issues
      in our society?
      Do citizen have enough
      sympathy on the problem?
    • Feasibility
      Is it possible to implement with
      current technology and resources?
      Given the laws, regulations, and etc.
      is it possible to create a social change?
  • Values of STS

    Explore five values that STS drives.

    • 01

      People First

      People first value means looking at the phenomenon and the subject, in view of people undergoing the uncomfortable condition, understanding what affected by the condition. Various solutions, such as products, services, systems and policies, are all for the people. It is important to create a solution in the form best suited to the recipient, the form that should NOT influence the solution’s shape.
    • 02

      Open mind

      Value of Open mind pursues all possibilities to resolve issues, looks at phenomena in a variety of angles, and discovers the core of the real problem. In order to find the core of the problem, questions are constantly thrown to others who response with their thoughts.
    • 03


      As one issue affects different many people, solving one problem needs different people from various fields. For a wonderful world of imagination the whole team, demonstrating competence of all team members with different characteristics is the more powerful solution, the solution that can be born when they integrate members’ various forces together.
    • 04


      Because one problems may have multiple causes and various resolutions, finding the answers at once is not easy. All courses consist of assumptions (if ...) and experiments (let’s try it once!). We must continue to try. Apart from the conviction, "This solution is right.”, we can find a better solution when applying and developing, in one belief that “we wantto solve this problem“.
    • 05

      We are all innovators.

      Someone special is not the only one who can change the world. Don’t worry in questions like “Does my ability can help this issue?” or “What can be done by me, a ordinary person”. You are already ready to innovate society when you start to see, listen to, and talk about the life’s big and small problems.